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Lakewood Development II, LLC was founded in 2013 by Susan Kimmel and Peter Wilson as a continuation of Lakewood Development, LLC which was formed by Susan Kimmel and David Bacon in 2003.

Lakewood is the real estate development company that is part of the Two Plus Four family.  Its primary goal is to seek new development by partnering with local communities and entities to bring about housing opportunities.  What sets Lakewood apart from other developers is the embracement of the “Private-Public Partnership” model.  This model entails that the development entity partners with the local and state public entities to bring a project to fruition.  What this breeds is understanding and compassion, where we as a Syracuse, NY real estate developer are sensitive to the culture and traditions of an area.

An Experienced Real Estate Development Company

Lakewood Development II provides a dependable, qualified solution for an entity looking for a real estate development company in NY. Although we are headquartered in Syracuse, NY, we are extensively experienced in providing real estate development throughout New York State.

Lakewood Development II has extensive experience in real estate development for school conversions, having produced satisfactory results on several school conversion projects.

What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Our Real Estate Development Company

"Your knowledge of the development process is unequaled. You have no peers across the state in bringing a project to fruition." - Susan Szczerbacki, Executive Director of Alfred Housing Committee, Inc.
"Although all developers must obviously earn an income, Two Plus Four never made you feel as though profit was their primary motive. They always seemed genuinely concerned with community needs and desires. We cannot recommend them highly enough." - Alice Dickinson, Executive Director of Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corporation

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Lakewood Development II is committed to providing community focused development solutions. We exemplify this commitment throughout all our real estate development projects.

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